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National Opioid Epidemic

Everyday another state governor or AG is making laws or funds available to fight the nationally recognized opioid epidemic.

While their efforts are meant with the best of intentions, the core problem has yet to be publicized or dealt with; prescriptions.

Many attorneys generals have filed lawsuits against drug manufacturers.  However, the problem is not supply.  Supply is created to meet demand.  If opioid prescriptions were not being handed out like candy to kids in school, the problem would not exist.

The medical profession is the root of this problem.  They need to held accountable.  They need to justify prescribing such drugs and enhanced monitoring of these types of prescriptions need to be seriously scrutinized and monitored.

These drugs are highly addictive, stated by many addicts to be more powerful than heroin.

As a nobody, whom is a vegetarian and does not consume alcohol, I take my health serious, but I have been greatly effected by others close to be that were good people, but destroyed lives due to prescriptions.

Laws and funds are being created to deal with the issue.  However, the most important issue is to either (1) stop the manufacturing of such a dangerous drug if society cannot responsible prescribe and take the medications (2) hold the medical profession accountable.

American has a declining life expectancy, out of control rising health care cost, increase in suicide, and opioid is a significant contributor to these issues.  Additionally, it is blamed for the increase in heroin use after patients can no longer access opioids or they even purchase opioids illegally thinking that its a prescription, so there is no violation of any law.  Buying opioids from an individual is illegal and one can be prosecuted for such activity.

For example; Arizona Governor recently called an emergency session requesting immediate action to deal with this issue.  Read more.

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