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The New Modern Media

Moderan Day Media

The news has changed in recent years, which was triggered by multiple events and situations.

Social media is probably one of the largest contributing factors.  However, President Trump is correct in the fact that much of the news is “fake news”.

You can listen to the major news channels about a particular topic and perspective are generally completely opposite.  They both will criticize the other for “favoritism”.   However, they are both guilty of the same, which is contradictory to what journalism is suppose to be.

The major news media channels are both in the political business funded by their sponsors.

While the Associated Press is the largest news organization in the world, they have their own agenda as well.

Personally, I prefer news from both sides.  I have found a great news site that publishes articles written by the Associated Press in addition to publishing articles and press releases from their original news source, like federal agencies, state governors, states attorney generals and PR Newswire.

My favorite feature of the news site is that it is ad free, yes, ad free.  I am not covered in pop up ads and looking at cluttered pages as everything is news related.  Very clean.  They offer a Sitemap that helps guide you through the site.

They cover news stories like President Trump taking calls from kids on Christmas Eve to the Indiana Dept of Insurance, NAIC locator finding more than $600,000 in claims.

It was recently announced by Bloomberg Media on STL.News that they were launching a new news platform with Twitter called TicToc @ #TicTocNews.

Technology, social media in particular will continue to evolve into something unimaginable at this point.

Not that our blog has much of a following, but we strongly encourage you to look at STL.News, which was created by St. Louis Media, LLC.

Give it a try!