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National Opioid Epidemic

Everyday another state governor or AG is making laws or funds available to fight the nationally recognized opioid epidemic.

While their efforts are meant with the best of intentions, the core problem has yet to be publicized or dealt with; prescriptions.

Many attorneys generals have filed lawsuits against drug manufacturers.  However, the problem is not supply.  Supply is created to meet demand.  If opioid prescriptions were not being handed out like candy to kids in school, the problem would not exist.

The medical profession is the root of this problem.  They need to held accountable.  They need to justify prescribing such drugs and enhanced monitoring of these types of prescriptions need to be seriously scrutinized and monitored.

These drugs are highly addictive, stated by many addicts to be more powerful than heroin.

As a nobody, whom is a vegetarian and does not consume alcohol, I take my health serious, but I have been greatly effected by others close to be that were good people, but destroyed lives due to prescriptions.

Laws and funds are being created to deal with the issue.  However, the most important issue is to either (1) stop the manufacturing of such a dangerous drug if society cannot responsible prescribe and take the medications (2) hold the medical profession accountable.

American has a declining life expectancy, out of control rising health care cost, increase in suicide, and opioid is a significant contributor to these issues.  Additionally, it is blamed for the increase in heroin use after patients can no longer access opioids or they even purchase opioids illegally thinking that its a prescription, so there is no violation of any law.  Buying opioids from an individual is illegal and one can be prosecuted for such activity.

For example; Arizona Governor recently called an emergency session requesting immediate action to deal with this issue.  Read more.

For a list of articles that closely monitors each states activities CLICK HERE.

The solution is love, not violence!

Hopes and prayers for 2018 would be to eliminate the violence, regardless, where you might be living.

For thousands of years humans have resorted to violence and war as a solution.  However, at the end of every riot/protest or war, understanding surfaces, which is the resolution, not the violence.

Humans are smarter than any other time in history.  We can communicate worldwide fast and efficiently.  We can send documents around the globe in seconds.  We can find any information we need online.  Having accomplished all of these technological wonders, why are we still so stupid when it comes to the ability to love?

Technology appears to be used to manipulation, revenge and miscommunication rather than improving life.  Not only do consumers misuse technology, but politicians around the world use it incorrectly as well.

What is the answer to the worlds social problems?

Love, is the most logical answer.  However, power, money, greed and social influence appears to be the primary stimulus to society.

In the United States our life expectancy is declining, which is has been alleged that the primary cause is prescriptions drugs, which attorney generals of almost every state is attacking the drug companies.  However, the drug companies only produce what the medical professionals prescribe.  It appears to be more logical to attack and hold the medial profession accountable.

If an investment adviser makes an inappropriate investment recommendation to a client, he is held responsible, maybe to the extent that the inappropriate recommendation is a crime, rather than poor judgement.  Why is the legal and medial professions exempt from this type of accountability?

The reason as it appears to be is that they are the most educated.  The legal profession is strongly connected to the political arena.  Attorneys and physicians have a tremendous impact on their clients/customers lives, but if they make a mistake, it is easily covered up or overlooked.

The biggest threats to our social system around the world is weapons (regardless of their size ranging from hand guns to nuclear weapons), politicians, greed, social media, and most importantly, lack of love.

You don’t have to be a religious person to grasp this concept.

Lets analyze each threat individually:

Weapons – considering how smart society has become, why are weapons necessary?  Why does a person living in any city in America need a gun?  They don’t!  In almost every case, guns have a negative outcome.  Something or somebody dies.  Hunters justify killing animals for all kinds of reasons.  Weapons need to be eliminated.  We are not responsible enough to hold such damaging items.

Politicians – politicians are not public servants as they were initially designed.  They are rich, powerful people that have a tremendous impact over “our” lives.  Many problems that plague our society could be resolved.  The truth of the matter is that they don’t want to resolve our problems.  Our problems are distractions for their free pass to do what they do, which is create more wealth and power for themselves.

Greed – money has become the most powerful weapons over humans.  It is necessary for everything in life.  Poor people are disrespected and looked down upon.  Rather than powerful people using their wealth to help, they use it to enhance their wealth, protect themselves from the disadvantaged and hide their activities.  A redistribution of wealth is necessary.  The recent tax reform should have given tax breaks to the poor and middle class while increasing the tax of the rich.  Call it what you want, but in the end, this is a tax increase to help balance a budget that will “never” be balanced.

Social Media – was designed to communicate enhancing relationships.  However, it is used to attack, distract, revenge and more inhumane acts.  Again, used inappropriately rather than used in a constructive manner to improve life.

Lack of Love – people are so consumed with money and power that love is something purchased.  Rich men have young beautiful wives.  You will never see a beautiful young female with a poor old man!  Everybody, every race, every color and both sexes are claiming that they are being taken advantage of.  Being racist has become such a common term that it has lost its meaning.  People are so busy selling their own agenda that “love” is an item rather than an emotion.  Minorities claim that white males are in charge.  However, be a white male with a family, get divorced and see how much equality there is.  Be a white business owner and allow a minority claim that they have been disadvantaged because of their sex or race and see how much it cost, regardless whether there is any truth to the claim or not.

Until humans start to respecting and loving each other, things will do nothing but get worse.

My prediction is that life will continue to deteriorate because the younger generations are raised in broken homes filled with disrespect, lack of commitment, etc. so how can they know how to change things.  While my hopes and prayers are for more basic emotions to return to society, it won’t for all of these reasons.  However, if there is one thing that I hope I am wrong at is this.

The New Modern Media

Moderan Day Media

The news has changed in recent years, which was triggered by multiple events and situations.

Social media is probably one of the largest contributing factors.  However, President Trump is correct in the fact that much of the news is “fake news”.

You can listen to the major news channels about a particular topic and perspective are generally completely opposite.  They both will criticize the other for “favoritism”.   However, they are both guilty of the same, which is contradictory to what journalism is suppose to be.

The major news media channels are both in the political business funded by their sponsors.

While the Associated Press is the largest news organization in the world, they have their own agenda as well.

Personally, I prefer news from both sides.  I have found a great news site that publishes articles written by the Associated Press in addition to publishing articles and press releases from their original news source, like federal agencies, state governors, states attorney generals and PR Newswire.

My favorite feature of the news site is that it is ad free, yes, ad free.  I am not covered in pop up ads and looking at cluttered pages as everything is news related.  Very clean.  They offer a Sitemap that helps guide you through the site.

They cover news stories like President Trump taking calls from kids on Christmas Eve to the Indiana Dept of Insurance, NAIC locator finding more than $600,000 in claims.

It was recently announced by Bloomberg Media on STL.News that they were launching a new news platform with Twitter called TicToc @ #TicTocNews.

Technology, social media in particular will continue to evolve into something unimaginable at this point.

Not that our blog has much of a following, but we strongly encourage you to look at STL.News, which was created by St. Louis Media, LLC.

Give it a try!

Health Care & Politics – Why?

July 30, 2017 – Have you every wondered why the legal profession and the health care professions appear to control the world?  Well, they do!

Politicians have been attempting to sort out how to provide Americans with affordable health care.  In my humble opinion, it will never happen because they are in the same group.  They protect each other and their turf.

The insurance industry is blamed for the cost of health care, but keep in mind that insurance is a pass-through product.  Meaning, the insurance companies pays claims and passes that cost onto other individual insureds.

There have many many insurance companies that provided health insurance that have gone broke due to the out-of-control health care cost that began in the 80’s.

Previously, insurance companies sold policies that were scheduled.  Meaning, they stated in the policy what they would pay on each particlular health care expense limiting the health providers ability to markup the cost beyond the ability of the insured to pay the remaining balance.

Laws were passed that limits the liability that health care providers are exposed to in a lawsuit.  Why?  If a doctor or hospital permanently damages you for their errors, why should there be a limit on what they owe you?

There has been a change in society and the lawmakers objectives.  Politicans used to protect citizens from themselves, now they profit from us and their highly educated partners, medical professionals are protected as well.

Doctors are protected from prosecution if they use drugs, they are protected from lawsuits that might affect their ability to pay, they are granted the right to private car license plates and more.

America’s life expectancy declined last year, but there is more health care than every before.  Why did life expectancy go down?  Could it be that the medical profession is over-treating and performing malpractice that goes unaccountable because the law protects them?

The highly educated legal and medical professions will never allow the truth to surface.  They will only figure out ways to profit even more from the everyday hard working society that has been rode so hard they turn their eyes to the reality of life.

Gambling is legal now, as is drug use to the point that the majority of Americans have either a gambling problem, prescription drug problem, or alcohol problem and who benefits from it?

AGs around the country are attacking the drug companies, blaming them for America’s dependency on prescription pain pills, but who prescribes the pills to American’s?  Doctors!

There are dozens of medical uses for cannabis, but it is still illegal in most states.  Why?  Is it because the drug companies are trying to figure out how to control something that they have lacked the ability to control so it is still illegal because the lawmakers are protecting the medical profession?

There are so many questions that their answers don’t make sense to the average American.

In a press release published on STL.News about Cannabis, it discusses that cannabis is even recognized as treatment for Alzheimer’s.  STL.News has multiple press release about the topic of Cannabis.  The government and various states are coming around, but why did it take so long.