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Coach Before & Now

Posted by on Jun 14, 2016 in Coach | Comments Off on Coach Before & Now

Coach has changed a bit if we take a brief look at the before and after.

Before:  Lillian Cahn develops an idea for a new type of handbag, primarily for shopping, similar to something she had used in the past.  He husband, Miles Cahn, originally laughed at the idea because there was so much compeitition in NYC where they were located.  However, it didn’t take long for Lillian to wear Miles down to the point that he finally took her advice and helped her create the original coach handbag.  She created it with a similar material to baseball mitts.  It became a hit quickly and their return-customer base grew rapidly.  This inspired the couple to create the Coach line, which gained more and more attention as the buzz started to grow around this new creation in the fashion world.

After:  After growing the company for more than a decade, the couple sold their beloved Coach Inc. for $30M to Sara Lee Corporation, who took it and grew it even further.  $0 to $30M…crazy right?  Sales exploded from millions a year to nearly $4 billion a year.  All that started with a small idea.  If you learn anything from this, take with you the notion that you are the creator of your reality.  You can create anything you want and if there’s demand for it, the potential is endless.

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Coach Sale

Posted by on Jun 13, 2016 in Best Handbags, Handbags, Online Shopping | Comments Off on Coach Sale

Flash Sale. 6PM is hosting out sponsored Coach sale of the Polished Pebble Crossbody Clutch and the Color Block Leather Charm Flat Card Case.

Both are 40% off the normal price.  Act now or forever hold your old bag.

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Coach Handbags Being Reviewed by tThe Customers

Posted by on Jun 11, 2016 in Handbags, Online Shopping | Comments Off on Coach Handbags Being Reviewed by tThe Customers

Love to see the Coach handbags being reviewed by customers.   Kiu Choi a YouTuber who recently reviewed the Coach Rogue bag.  Let’s see what see said:

I always appreciate a well thought-out review.

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Finding The Best Handbags

Posted by on Jun 8, 2016 in Best Handbags, Handbag, Handbags, Online Shopping | Comments Off on Finding The Best Handbags

What is the favorite word of every woman? Can you guess it? If you chose the word sale, then you are right. Besides shoes the most popular thing among woman is bags. And how to choose the best one, how to find the cheapest one that doesn’t look cheap. You can wait for sales but you can also track online shopping sites, and you will see that there are more sales than in the stores.
Online shopping

If you like shopping online, then you should try their sale offers. Nowadays every store has their online portal; it is simple must have. More and more people try to avoid the crowds during the peak, and that is why more and more people decide to shop online.

This way you can see what the offer is and at the same time decide whether you are going to visit a store or not. You can track the sales all over the country and gain some coupons that you can use later in the store. The good thing about online sites it the fact that they offer us all kind of goods adapted for every pocket.
Personally, I adore handbags, and the first place where I want to check the models is the internet of course.

Sometimes I go to the most expensive ones, and then I go to the cheapest ones to see whether they have made good copy. We live in a consumer society, and it is crazy to buy the most expensive things especially if you like to be trendy. You will wish to change it probably after a year or even sooner. It is the reason why I always check Ally express or E-bay first. If there is something that is similar enough to brand clothes I order it. This is especially practical when it comes to handbags. Although you have to be very careful, thanks to Photoshop and professional cameras everything looks outstanding. Therefore, you should type in a search engine REAL PICTURE and then you will see how the handbag looks like. Maybe you will be very disappointed.

No matter how the picture is always checked the real picture. Sometimes looks for the feedback and you will see that some customers leave the picture of their own instead of feedback, and that picture is worth a thousand words.

Handbags vary from the site from the site. If you want to buy it for everyday use then I recommend you Ally express bags, they are not high quality, but they can serve for everyday use.

If you want to buy a high-quality handbag for everyday use, then you definitely should visit Peppa Jones site.

Their offer is one of the best in the UK. Their design is very simple but still so sophisticated that it is hard to resist them.
If you more like to see the bag in person, and you don’t have problems with the crowd than you should visit the nearest shopping mall. For holidays, you have special discounts that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

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